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Current Focus

These are some of the projects I am currently working on
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A Social Impact Incubator

Impact Launchpad

co Founder and CEO

Impact Launchpad is a social impact incubator that combines communications strategy, technology and investment banking to help founders bring their genius to market.  We  help companies scale by their communications and technology.

Impact Launchpad is also the founder/initiator of its own social impact projects you can see listed on the projects page.

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A Conversation of Human Survival



Asking #IsThereEnough is a way in which people who do not agree on much of anything can engage in real conversation and find common ground.

It's a question asked in 30 countries and 1000's of hours of research that provokes an examination of what is true about scarcity and sustainability. It is not only revelatory on a global scale, but a personal one as well. And its conversation is a unique builder of trust.

Successfully introduced and validated with grade school children in 3 countries.

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A Collaboration Economy

The 100% Project

The 100% project is a collaboration between #IsThereEnough and Impact Launchpad to produce an economy that rewards collaboration and agreement.

The Fuller Treaty of Humanity

It is initiated on the deployment of #IsThereEnough's product, The Fuller Treaty of Humanity. It will be issued as an NFT with sponsorship rewards for signing.

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A Way For Authors To Be Discovered

Ask Writers

The AskWriters project is a way in which readers can be rewarded for discovering great authors and sharing those discoveries with other readers. 

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Books (in preview only) 

The First Agreement

The Children's Version

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The First Agreement is a book about human evolution and a very personal kind of transformation. 

The children's version will be published at the same time. Title under wraps.

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