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I provide fractional C-Suite services to founders, ideas, and companies to help them realize their true potential. I am the ultimate generalist, a project-managing business analyst with deep knowledge of several strategic pillars that form the culture of a successful organization. 


My experience includes award-winning sales, service, operations management, app development, and digital marketing. I have produced 100's of IT projects and put in over 10,000 hours of technician recruiting. I have also been producing social television and media since 2011. There are few combinations of that range of experience.

This group of talents allows me to take a clearer view. I can look at the big picture, ask clarifying questions, and find the highest single leverage point a business can use to get to the next level. And, because I have supervised literally dozens of projects, I can help a business to design an implementation so that everyone is aligned, ready and onboard, something that few CEO’s and CFO’s have on their inside bench.

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Communications As An Asset

Much of my consulting work is based on the time saving and cost saving value of communications, both internal and external, to help develop culture and systems that produce scalability and excellence. I help clients produce presentations, employee manuals, trademark applications, and culture documentation that helps align human resources to the objectives of the organization. I am interested in work across a broad range of content & I work with thought leaders, performers, and writers to bring their visions alive & find them a global audience. This includes managing their intellectual properties, helping them to create new works, and to repurpose their older catalog in the newest digital arenas.

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