C-Level Organizational Strategist

As a lead impact investor, I am also a producer of ideas helping companies to realize their true potential. I am that ultimate generalist, a CEO project -managing business analyst with a deep knowledge and experience in several strategic areas that form a company or an organization. My bio & references on LinkedIn attest to a range of experience that includes award winning sales, service operations management, mobile app development & digital marketing ( dating back to 1997 !) , and over 10,000 hours of technician recruiting, along with producing television & online media. There are few combinations of that range of experience.

This combination of talents allows me to take an unbiased view. As a project manager & an experienced C-level executive, I can look at the big picture, ask the clarifying questions & find the highest single leverage point a business can use to get to the next level. And, because I have supervised literally dozens of projects, I can help a business to design an implementation so that everyone is aligned, ready and onboard, something that few CEO’s and CFO’s have on their inside bench.