Collaborative Media Producer

I thrive on conversation, a precursor for agreement, and love all events and media, live, online, large and small. I have created and produced both episodic and live event television in a technology, business and art medium that has been completely reinvented by its 21st century streaming audience.


I am interested in work across a broad range of content & I work with thought leaders, performers, and writers to bring their visions alive & find them a global audience. This includes managing their intellectual properties, helping them to create new works, and to repurpose their older catalog in the newest digital arenas.

I co founded one of the world’s first dedicated Social TV networks, iDiscovery TV. It had 9 show channels, 240 hours of original content, a production incubator, & a unique video discovery platform. Among the shows was a new talk show interview format, Breaking It Down, JSPNTV, a sports show hosted by my then 12 year old son.