A More Inclusive Sustainability model

There is a $3.5 Trillion gab in current investment spending to meet the goals of 2030.  Impact Launchpad is set up to address that gap.  Over its time and scope, it will produce $100 Billion of new investment, and set in motion over 50,000 projects.

Using an award winning due diligence protocol, with over 200 stat points of scrutiny and an innovative structure for rest reduction, the project will produce a new open license impact savings bond that can pool capital from a much broader retail base helping economies more rapidly scale to meet our survival goals.

Is There Enough?

#IsThereEnough is a campaign I founded, gaining traction in academic, political, and entrepreneurial circles, that is designed to demonstrate that the world can work for 100 % of humanity by reframing wealth as a function of agreement. It is partially based on a popularization of the work of Buckminster Fuller whose World Game forms the basis of the intent of the work. The campaign is sponsored by SLiC, a project I am a key advisor for, and is now in Pre Launch.

The First Agreement

The First Agreement is both an historical and future leaning look at economics and survival, that suggests that our economic drivers of value can be built around human beings as the center of value, rather than resources. It is a companion to #IsThereEnough.




#NotEnoughPeople is a limited series Podcast that will be focused entirely on the writing process of The First Agreement.


Hosted by Daniel T. Matalon and Kristie Thompson, each episode will focus on a single chapter’s material and the challenges inherent in the writing of that chapter. Each episode will feature a special guest.


There will also be coverage of the writing of the companion children’s book, “How Do You Like Your Eggs?”

The Children's Version

“How Do You Like Your Eggs?” is a children’s book companion to “The First Agreement“, designed around the concept of teaching children about the economic value of making and keeping agreements.


Ask Writers is a platform whose sole purpose is to help authors get discovered. It uniquely crowd gathers readers & their favorite interests, to discover and share favored authors’ by quotes and excerpts in a way that is relevant to their friends & relations helping everyone to discover more authors, and their great writing, in less time. This also rapidly builds up a fan base for an author in a way that no other social platform has ever done before.