We are investing less than 20% of what is needed to meet the Sustainable Development Goals for 2030. That is a survival issue.

As both an impact investor and a Climate Reality Corp. leader, I see this is an urgent problem. I am working in an emerging alliance of private and public interests to solve this problem by the launch of a new, more inclusive model of impact finance that can grow to meet these global demands. It is the target concern of my highest goal and from which I intend to launch global impact incubators in 100 countries.


The economic inclusion campaign, #IsThereEnough, which I founded out of the response to my education talks to impact investors, and which is tied to this effort, supports SDG #17 and has proven itself to be a conversation generator, and a precursor for change. It has appeal among academics, educators, policy makers and investors in Europe, North America, Africa, and Latin America. #IsThereEnough will launch 100 Impact Incubators by 2035.